Sunday, 17 June 2018

Midnight Inklings Team Blog Hop - New Annual Catalogue 2018

This has been on my mind all week, writing this blog. I'm not very good at blogging, mainly because I just don't have time but also because I am not very good at it. I see everyone else's blogs and I just feel like I have no creativity when it comes to blogging or designing my blog. I don't even have the time at the moment to try to insert my logo onto the title page correctly.

Anyway, this blog is not about me not having time to make my blog better but about the new annual catalogue and the gorgeous and amazing products that can be found in it. I only have a limited amount of what is new in the catalogue but I do have the one tool that is making all our lives, as stampers, so much easier these days and that is the Stamparatus.

I have managed to incorporate this blog AND preparing for my Share What You Love card class on Sunday 17th June, which has saved me time. The Stamparatus has helped me to get my preparation done for the class as well as take stage photos for this blog to explain how this fantastic tool can help with the fiddly little projects we find ourselves making.

As I said I am doing a Share What You Love card class and this is incorporating the bundle that was on offer to all customers during May. I have used the examples that were shown with these bundles as the cards that the ladies will be making in the class. The third card that we will be making is a bit more advanced and I have been able to use the Stamparatus to put the Congratulations together.

Using the Make a Difference Photopolymer Stamp Set I have used the Stamparatus to step stamp the letters onto the precut banner. The following photos show how this worked:

Preparing to add the first letter, the capital C. The washi tape is positioned so that
the six precut banners all go in exactly the same place so that the C is stamped in
exactly the same place on each banner.
All the capital C's have been stamped and are all in the same place.
Next is to stamp the rest of the letters.
Being able to move the clear plate up and down in steps means that you are able
to line several letters up at a time and complete a banner quickly and easily.
The Stamparatus helps with two and three step stamping as well and comes with a clear plate that can be used at the top as well.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you have enjoyed the Stamparatus review.

Cheers and happy stampin'

Jodi xo

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  1. Beautiful card Jodi, I love all the layers you have used. And the tip about using washi tape on the Stamparatus is brilliant! I will definitely be using that in the future. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Great information about the Stamparatus Jodi and gorgeous card! You have nailed that one. I love the layering effect, it creates an effective visual focus to your card. Love it! x

  3. Love the card Jodi. The Stamparatus is a great tool and you have showcased it well. You have done an amazing job! Keep posting. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  4. Oh my goodness Jodi - this cards is stunning. Love to see you blogging. Thank you for participating in our Midnight Inklings Blog Hop. x C